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Ban Gun Bans

Why gun bans won't work in our world today and why it's not the answer to gun violence.

Dear next President,

As gun violence increases more bans on weapons are being made. Many people think that bans on guns will reduce gun violence. Although it might make sense that less guns would mean less shootings, it still won't work.

Canada has 7 million guns in 10 million homes but yet they only have a few murders a year. So why do people think that if there are less guns in the US that there will be less shootings? If there are less guns, then criminals won't be afraid to commit a crime. If a criminal has a gun and knows you don't, why would he hesitate to rob you. This applies to mass shootings too. If someone is going to commit one, they wouldn't care whether the gun was legal or not. If they know someone might also have a gun, then they might not try it because they know they could be shot at.  I think Texas is a great example of this; most families in Texas own a gun and yet they have one of the lowest homicide rates in the US.

Taking away guns is also violating our 2nd amendment. We all have the right to legally own a gun. If gun laws should be changed, then you should just make it harder to get a gun license. If you take away guns, it will just cause more crime. Most people won't turn in their guns if they are made illegal. Burglaries, shootings , and other crimes will increase once guns are banned.

People need guns for protection. A woman can use a gun to protect herself from rape and such crimes. Most women can be overpowered by a man and with no gun, a woman might have no way of protecting herself. Think if you had a daughter , wouldn't you want to know she's safe and can protect herself?  Without a weapon your daughter becomes vulnerable and could become a victim of rape or could be kidnapped. A woman having a gun could save her life.

Taking away guns is not the way to stop gun violence. Criminals will still find illegal weapons. All gun bans are gonna do is make it easier to rob someone or kill people without hesitating of fear of being shot at. They should make guns harder to access and harder to get a license. There should be more background checks on people who want to buy a gun. People should be limited to two guns in case their house is robbed. 

Gun violence can be stopped in this country but banning guns is not the way. There should be public meetings that discuss the issue to the community and try to bring down the crime rate in major cities. If someone buys a gun, there should be a tracker in the gun in case it is stolen and background info should be kept at the store with proof of what gun was sold to them. The police should be given the records so they know how many guns are in the community legally.


Derrick Cipriani

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