Cory E. California

The Foster System Is Broken


Dear Future President,

The system is broken, What I mean by that is that many kids are being put in bad homes land they get hurt not only physically but mentally and they can get traumatized and not be able to be in other homes that are more safe. We have to change this before more kids get hurt and abused.

According to the Foster Care Facts there are currently 400,000 American children who are in foster care. In the website FosterClub. Com it states that 46 percent of kids in foster care , live with non- relatives. Also only 4 percent live in a place where they will be adopted. In my opinion, this upsets me because those kids should deserve to be in a Good foster's home or a home where they feel wanted.

So even after being in foster care life is not easy. In San Diego “60% of girls become pregnant within a few years after leaving the foster care system”. This makes me feel disgusted because their Foster Parents should take care of them just as much as if they were their real kids. You can change this by making sure they use protection and after they are 18 , foster parents should still care about their child.

We need to change this because if girls keep getting pregnant they might have multiple children which can end up being in the foster system. I need you to make sure that the foster kids are in the right house or home where they feel comfortable. Because of some foster systems, kids get hurt physically, mentally and emotionally. WE NEED TO CHANGE THIS NOW!!!!!


Cory Escobar 

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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