Joshua S. California


We should end homelessness in America.

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter to address a concern that I have regarding homelessness. I believe that jobs and programs are important because they could help them gain jobs and money. Future President, it is important for you to address this issue. By addressing this issue, we will be able to help individuals become better human beings .

Future President homeless affects hundreds,thousands, and even millions of people in the United States. According to the site , “it's hard for them to get jobs.” It is essential that we do address homelessness, because if we don’t, then there wouldn’t be Obamacare .

Future President some of the ways that we can address or even solve homelessness are programs, online school , and even big projects . These solutions will help because to boost their confidence.

Homelessness is an important issue that needs to be resolved immediately. By addressing this issue we will be able to solve homelessness. Future President, thank you for addressing homelessness in America.


Joshua Salazar

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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