Fletcher T. California

Let Me Believe

Religion has to be allowed to go free

Dear Future President,

Have you ever asked yourself how free this county really is? America was built on this, but how true are we to this, especially when it comes to religion.

Every day someone loses a job or freedom because of what they believe in. Most of the time they can't find another job because it's on their record it said that they are Muslim or catholic or any other religion. Every day it gets harder and harder to be you and not be a fake and say you support something when you don’t. Did you know that many students can't pray in class because it's offensive to others, for many that's how they calm themselves down. So now they are not only hurt their stressed because can’t calm themselves down and this makes a very bad environment for the students to learn.

This is not acceptable. I believe that we need to take action to make America a better place for adults and kids alike. The first step would be to get rid of the misconceptions and stop focusing on all the terrorists that happen and tell people yes the bombing happen but they also help us with money issues.

I believe that we to make a movement to show that its not right to do these unfair acts are not right.Also note that we can just make a law right away we have to ease people into the idea. We need to start with a protest and a presidential meeting about the topic. We need to  get a conversion started,  let people get used to the idea and not be forced so there won't be such a backlash. Let's start a conversation that allows us all to practice what we preach.

Future president, thank you for your time.