Hannia Valencia California

STOP puppy mills

Why puppy mills are bad how they affect our pets.

                                        October 27, 2016

Dear future president ,

I believe that puppy mills are a big problem I know this because in the excerpt A closer look at puppy mills by ASPCA it says “Female dogs are bred at every opportunity with little to no recovery time between litters.” This explains that female dogs that have the puppies have “little to no recovery” this can cause very much damage and “when they are physically depleted to the point they can no longer reproduce.” and this can cause that they get killed.

I think you as a future president should make puppy mills stop reproducing because in the excerpt Puppy mills by ASPCA it says” Puppy mills usually house dogs in an overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate veterinary care, food water or socialization. “ this explains that they don't take well care of the animals and that is not good ( obviously).

Puppy mills are very bad for our society and our societies pets. We need to come up with some ways of how to stop puppy mills from growing and end them. One way to stop them is not buying pets from there that means they will have less money and less space for pets so they might just stop selling. Another way for stopping puppy mills is to make posters and carry them around outside of puppy mills that will make puppy mill supporters realize it is wrong and will maybe make less people come to puppy mills and hopefully they will shut down


Hannia Valencia 

Health Science Middle School

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