Sarah Buttler Iowa


May the value of your character matter more than the color of your skin.

Dear Madame or Sir,

Discrimination, in all forms, is an issue facing not just the American people but people all over the globe. Hispanics called Mexicans, Chinese called Japanese, or vice versa, Native Americans called Indians, Indians called Native Americans, discrimination based on color has always been around. African American males, stereotyped as having the worst reputation around, are not all aggressive women beaters. Why do these people have to suffer for the white American ideals? In my opinion, discrimination, in any shape or form, needs to be eradicated.

Instead of labeling and acknowledging the color of their skin, we could teach our future generations to dismiss color and get to know someone for the value of their character. The older generations could ignore the color also, but most will be against it. Instead of trying to change them, we could teach them to accept their color and value them for that.

And once again, color doesn't matter. The value of who they are needs to be appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.