Chloe Iowa

Same Sex Marriage Does Not Harm Anyone

Same sex marriage

Dear Future President,

Same sex marriage should be between a spouse and a spouse not a gender and a gender or a spouse the government and a spouse. The government and churches need to mind their own buisness and stayout of it. Gays are not harming anyone in any way. People stereotype gay people too much! Everyone is different and that is ok! We werent made to be just like everyone elses on the planet!

Same sex marriages can actuallly help with some things. Divorce rates will decrease and adoption rates will increase. According to the LGBT website, about 1% of the total number of currently-married or registered same-sex couples get divorced each year, in comparison to about 2% of the total number of married straight couples. They also mentioned that the percentage of couples that get divorced eventually is close to 50%, but only 1% or 2% of them get divorced in any particular year. In a household where a childs parents are gay will not make the child gay. The William Institute UCLA School of Law says good parenting is not influenced by sexual orientation, it is influenced most by a parent’s ability to create a loving and nurturing home.

You might have met someone and didn't even know they were gay. Just because they dont “act” gay by talking, walking, dressing, ect. doesnt mean they aren’t gay. This affects me alot actually due to the fact that I have a member of my family that is gay. You cant judge a book by its cover. People tend to stereotype everything these days. Just becuase they met one gay person that acted like that does not mean they are all going to act like that.

It's not a choice! People tend to think that it is a choice, that gay people believe this is the way it should be. But that is not true, they are born like this. Blaming someone for being gay is like blaming someone for being left handed. Being gay is not a custom or a belief. Its just how they were born.

The issue that needs to be dealt with is churches getting involved! Gay people are not affecting/harming them in any way. So we need a law stating that churches are not allowed to stand at social events/gay bars/pride fest and yell at all these people telling them they are going to hell.

Yours Sincerely,

Chloe Hunt