JENNIFFER California

Racism and Police Abuse

In this letter shows how the police is abusing their power and killing people. Also, it demonstrates how police kill people and how racist they are.

September 7, 2016

Dear future President of the United States,

You might not know that a lot of Latinos and other people are being killed. I am Jenniffer. I am a Latina and a student in Locke High School. One reason I am writing this is because a lot of Latinos and other people of color are dying because of the police officers, some of them without a reason. I want you to stop the police officers from killing those people because I think that killing people is not a way to resolve any problem. No one wants to be killed, even if they did something wrong. Those people can receive a punishment instead.

By shooting people police officers did not gain anything. I think some of them feel terrible, but I also think that some police officers feels like they have more power that those people. In the article named “6 Latinos killed by us cops this week- and media ignored it”, “there are other methods of taking someone down without shooting to kill” This is important because is the officers do not react correctly tragedies can occur.There are some great methods to resolve the problem, but killing is not one of them. They cannot kill anyone just because they want it to, it is better to try to talk to them and try to convince them not to do again what they did.

Many Latinos and other people are being killed by police officers and they do not think on their families. Also, “ Over 80 percent of victims were Latinos” This means that the majority of the time the people that is shoot are the latinos and police do not think how the families of this people would feel. Maybe police officers are having bad experiences with the real criminals and they just want to express their emotions by shooting those people.Some of them are innocent people. This is important because police doesn’t have the rights to kill or shot who they want.

Police officers have to help people that are in trouble because that is their job. In addition to the other article named “ aren’t more white people than black people killed by police? Yes, but no” It says, “ 14 minutes of police trying to convince him not to kill himself they shot nunez instead” this means that police do not have the right to killed him. In contrast, police would convince him to give up his gun instead of shooting him. This is important because the police did a bad job in this case. One person died because they cannot stop Nunez to let his gun and people holding guns. You should take control of police officers and give them strict rules.

The police are killing a lot of Latinos and African American and others, some of them are killed because police think that they are guilty of something. They think that latinos are the most easy to kill, but they also they shoot some others people of color. I believe they do this because they do not have punishment or they do not have rules to follow or maybe they do not get in trouble for doing this. As president, you should have more interest in how this police officers do their work. We need to feel protected and know that you are going to stop the violence in this country.



Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy

Mrs. Rowley's Classes

ELD students at Alain LeRoy Locke High School.

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