Elena L. Oregon

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Abortion should stay legal

Dear next president,

I am addressing you today on the topic of abortion. Abortion has been and is a serious recurring topic in everyday life. I believe that a women should have to right to choose, meaning if an abortion is best for her then, go for it. Planned parenthood is also a big contributing factor to being pro choice. This low priced, yet good health care has 2.5 million patients, both men and women, who annually visit. Planned parenthood promotes good health and does confidential tests. Being over the age of 14 you have the right to keep medical health related things confidential (depending on the severity). I think that with taking away the legality of abortion the confidentiality rights will also fall in a way.

I am a strong believer in being able to choose whether or not you are ready to be a parent. I understand that a lot of people believe it is murder, however before 20 weeks the baby is unable to feel pain and hasn't developed anything. Therefore you are not killing a living thing, but simply some skin tissue. Even if it was past the first trimester it isn't a decision the government should make, it should be up to the mother, as it is her body. I think that if a woman is raped or there is accedental insecst there is a reason for an abortion after the first trimester. If it was illegal then there could be more children growing up not knowing their father and knowing that their mother was sexually assaulted and became pregnant.

I also believe being pro choice isn't something to be looked down upon. It just means that you support a woman aborting her baby if she feels the need to. The government should not decide what a female wants to do with her body and baby. I do not believe that if a women is not ready to be a mother then it is up to her. People say “well why not birth the baby and give it up for adoption”. I personally see no problem with this but some women are just not for that. Giving birth is an excruciatingly painful long procedure. I could also see why women would not want to go through that just give up their child. Some do but some don’t. And i think that's okay it's what being pro-choice is all about.

So all I am trying to say is don't make decisions for people especially when it is something as bing as giving birth or becoming a mother. If a woman doesn't feel that she can provide a good life for her unborn child then what is the point of putting yourself and your child through that. It should not be the government's choice on what a female should do with her body, period. Leave it up to her, she will make the decision then is best for her and not what the government thinks is best for the rest of the country and that baby.