De'Borah R. Alabama

Will who I am ever matter?

Discrimination Calls for Equality!

Dear Future President,

I want you to change our world for the better. Don't pick up where he left off.  Start a new journey for equality. I know that discrimination is all around; however, you should strive to burn out the hate. My color still determines how I am treated and my sex controls how I am portrayed as a human being. Human rights should prevail over the color of my skin, over the stereotypes I've been given and over who cultivates me. Mr./Mrs. President, aren't we all human? I was born into a society where I'm afraid to birth a son because he can either rise up or fall into the traps of this wicked world. My son can be killed just for walking down the street so he can leave my daughter mentor-less and weak. She is no better off than him because she will never be seen as equal to a man. She is only equal when she is a single mother who can barely stand. Why must society be so cruel to its own people? Society is beating us down one by one creating tormented people. You should rise up next president to end a spiteful culture where no common traits matter among people unless utilizing another for better. Next president, you should make my personality and who I really am matter!


De'Borah Roy