Seanna H. Alabama

Eliminate Poverty

Possible solution to poverty...

Dear Mr/Mrs President, 

               My biggest concern for our country is the percentage of people living in poverty everyday.  This number is becoming a large spectrum of society. Poverty has been an issue for our country and other countries for many years and I don't understand why. The government has money that they are using too recklessly. Money is being spent on building jails and prisons, instead of creating non-profit organizations for the sole purpose of feeding needy families and housing the homeless. There are some programs in place to assist with these issues but they don't have enough money. Poverty is consuming more than half of the population but these people are still being referred to as a minority. 

            Here's the solution I purpose.  The government should create a project possibly named "The Ceasing Poverty Project".  It would involve creating a four year plan and budget. After taking this step, the government can began to buy up at least 20 properties in each state including abandon houses, old building, and hotels that are not being used. Homeless and impoverished families will have the opportunity to reside in  these properties for one year rent free. The government would pay for the utilities, three meals a day, and clothes for the first six months. Everyone living in these properties would be required to get a job, take economics and social skills classes, open a checking and savings account, and set up a budget for the next six months and save for when their time in the house is over. Do I think this ideas can be a solution for decreasing poverty rate? Yes!  Will this idea end poverty?  No, but it is definitely a most advantageous start.


S. Hillman