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American Youth

The American youth will be affected the most by your presidency.

To whomever it may concern,

Your plan for the future of our country should concern the youth and their parents considering they will be most affected by your actions. Assess a leader, you should lead the country into a society based upon unity. Listen to the minorities of this country. Our voices are loud, you just have to listen. We need social reforms and stricter laws against discrimination, especially against immigrants. You can find their voice in the crowd as well.

Our economy is doing fairly well, but we grow with seemingly every generation. How do you plan to set up a future for the average American young person in your next 4-8 years?

This generation is possibly the most revolutionary America has seen since was created. As the president, are you more focused on retirement homes or the education of your grandchildren? We'd need someone that knows how to help people that aren't able to vote yet. We need you to try to connect with the American youth, immigrants, and college students.