Laureal C. Alabama


I am the face of Black America!

Dear Future President,

I am hardly elated to be writing a letter to someone who probably will never see it , and moreover confused about what to say to you.  So, let me start with, "Hello." This letter is coming from the desk of a beautiful, black, educated young lady who will soon take on the responsibilities of a second class citizen. Let's just be real if you can follow me. Statistics show that when I attain the not-so-befitting honor of being one of those strong black women with a strong black family, a strong white women will care for her family with $95,000 more than mine. Is it because she is smarter?  NO.  Is it because she deserves more than me?  NO.  Is it because she works harder?  NO.  Well who cares, right? That's an issue that can't be resolved over night or even over the course of the next four years. Surely not, but if you would lend your wonderful presidential intellect to the conflict of racial inequality, we might possibly be able to make the slightest dent in this struggle. I believe I live in a time of immense knowledge and with that information, changes can be made. Nevertheless. I hope that we can both agree that inequality is REAL and we should strive for equality. Let's try our best to make these years count as the most beneficial in the history of America regardless of who you might be.


Laureal Childress