Logan S. Oregon

NATO and Turkey

Turkey is a threat to NATO and United States interests.

Dear Next President,

The nation of Turkey should be removed from NATO. They pose a danger to American peace and regional stability in the middle east. This is because Turkey has an unstable government, picks fights with other nations, and possess questionable morals and values.

The Turkish government is increasingly unstable and Islamically influenced. In July 2016 according to The Guardian the Turkish government was nearly overthrown by the military of Turkey after fighting about Turkish president Erdogan's abuse of his power and increasingly fundamentalist Islamic beliefs. A stable Turkish government is important as Turkey is a NATO member state, and according to NATO, โ€œthe fundamental role of NATO is to safeguard the freedom and security of its member countries by political and military means.โ€ The significance of this cannot be understated because if Turkey were to get into a conflict or civil war, the United States would be required to intervene. This is a serious threat for peace between the United States and other nations such as Russia which have ties to the middle east.

Turkey possesses a threat to US peace by picking fights with the Russian government. In November of 2015 BBC News reported that the Turkish government shot down a Russian plane, sparking anger between Russia and Turkey, it could have escalated to war. This would have dragged the United States into conflict with another major world power. This is an unnecessary risk on behalf of a nation that provides little to the United States.

Turkey must be removed from NATO because their values are conflicting with American values and NATO values. In December of 2015 RT news reported that the government of Turkey was supporting the terrorist group ISIS by purchasing oil that the group had captured in Iraq. This was done under the knowledge of Turkish officials. At the very least the government of Turkey is neutral if not sympathetic to the cause of Islamic terrorism. This is a problem for an alliance and nation that is having a war on terror. For the world to achieve peace and the permanent end of terrorism Turkey cannot be funding terrorist groups.

Turkey represents a large threat to peace and the American way of life. If peace and regional stability is to occur Turkey must be dealt with as a non-member state of NATO. Additionally Turkey must change itโ€™s values and morals or be removed from NATO. It is possible for you to achieve these goals as president for a better future. I urge you,  the president, to make the difference.


Logan S