Sam Minnesota

Dear Future President

In this letter to the future president I talk about the looming threat of ISIS

Dear future President, I’m writing you this letter to discuss some issues that I feel should be addressed during your time as president. The president has a lot of responsibilities, but I think you should be concerned with the constant threat of terrorism not just around the world but in our home country. When Americans go to a large gathering or event they shouldn't have to worry about being shot or blown up. Many people consider us the greatest country in the world but if we can't protect our people why do we deserve that title. It's sad to think that we have had multiple homeland attacks in the past couple years and next to nothing has been done about it. But if we take up a more direct attack against ISIS then other countries will follow and if the entire world is fighting against ISIS then they will be eradicated. But homeland terrorism isn't the only issue. ISIS is becoming a larger threat globally, and they need to be stopped. Terrorism in other countries has been even more prevalent. For example France has been attacked multiple times over the past year and they haven't done anything to try to prevent future attacks. If we as a country don’t lead the way in fighting ISIS, I don’t think any country will.