Sean H. New York

Focus on the People

I am asking the next president to focus on making people safe so that they can enjoy life.

October 24, 2016

Dear Next President of the USA,

I think you should be most focused on terrorist groups and poor people in your presidential term. You should be focused on terrorist like ISIS because they are destroying many people's lives and those people don't deserve it. Also terrorist groups are taking over people's homes and even bombing and blowing the houses up. This matters to me because I don't want terrorist coming to America and also nobody should be killed or hurt if they did nothing wrong. Terrorist groups have done many wrong things and they need to stop or be gone, they are the ones who deserve it not people that did nothing wrong

You should also be focused on poor people. I think you should also be focused on poor people because some of them are starving because they have no money to buy food. Also some poor people don't have houses to live in, clean water to drink, and food to eat. You should be focused on this because they could help America. They could help America by if they get a job they could invent something or make their own business. Also I don’t think you want to starve and have no clean water to drink, neither do the poor people. Also some poor people have no houses and everyone in America should have a house or at least live in a home for the poor.

Some poor people spend all their money on drugs. I think that you should also stop illegal drugs coming into the country. I think you should stop this because if you do stop this then not as many people will be poor. Not as many people will be poor because some poor people are poor because they spend all their money on drugs. Then some people that used to be poor might open up a home for the poor because they know what it feels like to be poor and it does not feel good. I also think that people in America would help the poor if they got something in return, but I think you should make America so that people don’t want a reward for helping people like the poor in America. That is the end of my letter and I hope you take these ideas in consideration.