Gustavo Oregon


Hunger is a big problem in the United States and in the world. Stop hunger.

Dear Future President, I know you are aware of hunger because of hunger all around the planet and because hundreds of people are dying every day. I know there are a lot of problems you have to deal with, but how can you waste money on war when you can't even feed the hungry people in your community? Where does our tax money go?

Since I was born, my family and I have fought to feed ourselves every day. We were able to survive through hunger as we lived in poverty. Sometimes we didn't eat for two days, but that isn't anything compared to the families that live in the southern Asian countries that have been starving for years. They just want some piece of bread or food to eat, anything that can help them survive at least one more day. This is not only happening in eastern countries but also in my community and in our own country.

One cause of this problem is the climate change. For Instance, natural disasters such as floods, tropical storms and long period of droughts are increasing according to global cause. Causing devastating consequences for the developing countries. Droughts are one of the most common causes of the food shortages in the world. Another cause is the war, it's really difficult for people to live in peace if there's a war going outside their house. They can't work and buy their food. I think the biggest problem is increasing over population in countries. A lot of people demand for more food but the prices of the food increases as well, so that means people will have to pay more for food.

Do you know that one child is dying every four seconds, which is a total of fourteen children every minute? That sums up to 21,000 children who die every day around the world according to Global Issue. As each year passes by it keeps getting worse. We do have the resources and the knowledge to solve this crisis. We have to try our best to help end the hunger. We donate food, water and money to them. We need you to stop the wars and to stop global warming or reduce it that causes so the people can live in a healthy and in a peaceful community.

So it's up to you, Mr. or Mrs. President. Are you willing to sacrifice some time and some money to help the human race? We do have the resources, we just need your help with some money to accomplish our goal. This is in your hands. The human race is counting on you.



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