David California


Terrorism has affected the United States and we have to work together towards ending it.

Dear Future President,

                    I hope you would you would read this letter. I hope that you could make our country better economically and make beneficial changes to our country. I wish you would not take our words for granted and hear people's ideas. You need to able to take harsh words that are thrown at you and use it as a compliment and it should change your way of thinking to bend for their will. The United States is dealing with terrorism. Why this is a problem is because ISIS has killed hundreds of people. I believe that the United States should work together to stop this huge conflict that we are dealing with. September 11, 2001 demonstrates that only one attack can end countless lives, and that the issue of terrorism is very much worth addressing. According to npr.org, it can be said that people will continue to be killed until terrorism is extinct. Over time ISIS will keep on improving their mechanics on us to harm us. As President you have to issue the idea of Terrorism and protect us and future generations before future generations will be in crisis. Furthermore, ISIS are isolating Muslims to America to inspire them to rally behind their cause. It is necessary to have a Muslims in doing so we will have a healthy relationship with us so we don't face with more problem. The basic human rights apply to every individual. One of them is the right to be safe and we must really work to defend that right or else, more lives will be taken everyday.


David L.