Amina I. California

Why gender gap pay is important

It all depends on your hand and a pen.

Dear President,

Guess what? In America, for every dollar a man earns a woman earns $0.82 and this current rate it’ll 117 years to close this gap. Now as President I’m pretty sure knows this facts maybe it not the biggest topic like immigration or terrorism but it’s important because a full-time female worker in a year work two month for free. And in a day it’s a one hour and forty minutes.

And it gets worse with race; according to Huffington Post, black woman earns 63 cents on a dollar, latina woman earns 54 cents on a dollar. Fortunately women sometimes gets paid more than men based on the job..

Now gender gap cannot end in one day but we can work to end it by signing the Paycheck Fairness Act. the Act insure both men and females get the same pay for the same job. Thank you for taking your time to read this.


Amina mohamed Isse

Health Science Middle School

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