Abortion Should Be Legal

I think that abortion should be legal because a handful of the women on this earth get kidnapped and raped.

Dear Future President,

I believe that abortion should be legal. Abortion should be legal because a handful of women in the United States get kidnapped and raped. I agree that abortion should be m legal because most females that get raped, would rather abort their baby than keep it. Another reason why I agree with abortion should be legal because when people get raped, they should be able to do something about it, even if it gives the baby a birth defect.

The issue that i have is that the baby has to be killed even if he/she did not do anything to harm the adult. I think the future president can have construction workers build more foster homes because when there are more foster homes around the neighborhood, there would be less deaths of babies. Abortion is pretty much an abstraction then a pill for the baby to lose their lives.

I believe abortion is right because majority of the women on this earth would rather abort their babies when they are raped. We should do something about it because when every child is killed, this messes up the brand new population up.


Anthony P.