Yocelinne V. California

Homeless Pets Crisis

Homeless pets are suffering because of us! We must help them before the crisis gets to big. The most important help they need is that they need a loving family and one day that family maybe you.

Dear Future President,

Have you ever thought of helping those homeless pets that can’t help themselves. I am a student at Health Sciences Middle School and I believe that homeless pets should be treated with love and care. They need food, shelter, and a loving family, but unfortunately some pets are homeless and we need to help them. The crisis of homeless pets In the U.S. is huge because about 7.6 million companion pets enter animal shelters in the U.S each year.

We must make a mark and fix this problem before it gets too extreme. We must help the homeless pets and we must also fix the problem in shelters that when they don’t adopt a pet then they euthanized (KILL THEM). Many pets are being euthanized because 2.7 million of pets are euthanized by shelters. The only good news about 649,000 animals who enter shelters as strays are returned To their owner. As you can see we also have good news and bad news but we must fix the bad news.

We can fix the problem by putting in money so we can make more shelters and make a law that states “ Every shelter is too take care of pets and not kill them when they don’t adopt them.”. We spent 39 billion of tax money on jails so why not spend it on innocent victims like Cats, Dogs,....etc pets! We must take action on this homeless animals that need a food, shelters, and a loving family. Some ways that we can help these pets is by as I stated earlier we can make a law that the shelters will have to follow. As I said earlier “ About 649,000 animals who enter shelters as strays are returned to their owner.” which leads me to believe that only a little amount of pets that enter shelters come out from their owners. We can fix this problem by making sure that pet owners have a collar on their pets and on that collar they will have the address of the pets owners home, phone number, and name of the pet. Having collar on their pets can help a lot because some pets that enter have owners but they don’t have a collar so the shelters think they are homeless.

A way that we can fix this problem is by giving pet owners a free collar. When someone adopts a dog or cat then they get a free collar. It doesn’t have to be an expensive collar at least a cheap one so the dog or cat can have a collar that will have their address, name of pet and owner, and the phone number of the pet owner. Later on the pet owner can buy their pet a more expensive or prettier collar. We can have a program that helps donate food, collars, health care, etc...to shelters! People will be able to donate anything that is related to pets and those items will go to shelters around the world that need help. We should have fundraising money by selling Nachos, drinks, popcorn to the public. That money that we will get can go to the shelters so they can have what did need so they will help the pets.

                                      Love,   Yocelinne V.

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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