Tucker M. Texas

Gender Pay Gap

Women are getting paid less than men for the same amount of work.

Dear future President of the united states,

Have you ever imagined a world where all genders can earn the same amount of money for the same job. Some Families could probably have a lot more money to spend if all genders were paid equally, but all over the world both men and women are not paid the same , certain jobs don't allow women to work there and sometimes women do more work than men and still get less money.

There are a lot of jobs where men get paid more than women even when women work the same hours and do the same work as men. According to a website called global issues, it says:“ Women full-time workers earn only 77 percent for each dollar earned annually by men, a 23 percent wage gap. It is even greater for minority women, with African American women earning 64 cents and Hispanic women earning 56 cents for every dollar earned by a white man.”(Panagoda) If you think about it, some women would not be able to provide as much money for their family as men because women are only earning around 77% of what men make. Also sometimes families don't have a lot of money and have to use most of their money for taxes or on daily essentials, but if women were paid the same amount as men it would help a family have more money to spend.

There are also times when certain jobs won't allow women to work there. A lot of the jobs that women aren't allowed to work in most of the time are the ones that have hard labor, but sometimes they might not get an opportunity at a regular job that does not involve too much labor. On a website called global citizen it says: “When women aren’t allowed to fully participate in their own economies, it not only perpetuates social bias and bars them from a host of opportunities, but it contributes to the cycle of poverty for their communities.”(Shea) I think that women should get more opportunities for a job because some may not be well educated enough to get a job.

Finally, some women do more work than men and still get paid less. In the huffington post is says: “Women make less money than men, even though they work 39 more days per year, according to a global report on gender equality the World Economic Forum released”(Peck) I think that if most women do work that much more than men that they should be getting paid the same amount. Even when they still do the same amount of work women get paid less. Like in a website called forbes it says: ”That women receive lower wages than men is a known fact of most economies. However, Procurement Leaders recent research shows that female buyers are paid less than male buyers. That is, women are earning less for the same work.”(Webb)

In conclusion I do not think that women are getting paid enough and that they should be earning just as much money as men. I also think that women are not getting enough opportunities for jobs as they should be getting.

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