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Teens and Drugs !

Teens and drugs are not a good mix . Teens have bad ideas when they take drugs . Also how kids every day can be getting drugs and die from it .


 Dear Future President,  

                I believe that teens are loving drugs! Why ? Because they love the feeling, that is something you should know about. Also there have been a variety of cases of teen abusing drugs. Another thing is that parents these days are just giving their children money, and parents do not know what they are spending it on. These teens could be persuaded by their friends, who are saying that it would be fun to try.Then again it can ruin their lives. It is starting to be a very big problem.

                 Future president what we could do is ban drugs and give them to the army to bury. This is an important issue because about, ā€œ570,000 people die annually in the U.S due to drug use{NIDA for teens}.ā€(National research) Also, according to ā€œ73 percent of teens report number one reason for using drugs is to cope with school pressure, yet only 7 percent of parents believe teens might use drugs to deal with stress.ā€ That is crazy on the amount of people even teens dying ,the excuses because of drugs.

                   I believe that we should be aware of the drugs that teens and people are using. Although we know that certain drugs were used as medical aesthetics we do not know what could be coming next . Also how it is ruining teens lives and it is killing them in multiple ways suicide, overdose and money owed.

                   I think that teens , people need to be stopped because of them abusing drugs. I believe this because it could change how people see one another .Future president it would mean the world to me if you mad strict rules about drugs Also if you banned drugs.

Love ,Natalia I.canal

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