valerie California

Gun Control

No More Guns for Hands

Dear Future President,

This country needs some serious changes. Gun control rules need to be stricter. Guns are useless. Its only purpose is to promote violence and hatred. Since anyone can easily access a gun, it can be bought by anyone; people with violent thoughts, irresponsible parents, reckless people. Guns can be used for different types of violence. It could be used for seeking revenge, robberies, mass shootings, suicide, or simply for reckless fun for those people who are addicted to the rush of adrenaline.

It may seem like it is not much of a big deal, but many people die everyday because of the existence of guns. 306 people in America die every day since anyone can easily access guns. 56 out of these 306 are suicide cases. This could be easily avoided if it was harder to gain access to these lethal weapons. Some people might say that it’s the individual’s choice if they wanted to kill themselves, but they are just people that are in need of help. A recent trend in the use of guns is for mass shootings. There has been too many of these lately, and it at least needs to be prevented. A major one would be the one in Orlando recently. If I looked up “shootings” on the google searches, there are going to be new ones everyday. This just shows how common these new has become that we see violence anywhere we go. There’s always one or two people getting injured or murdered everyday and it is caused by guns.

If someone asked anyone in America if they know someone who was ever negatively affected by these weapons, they will most likely have a story to tell you. These weapons need to be less accessible because it has nothing but negative effects. If I was a person who is hot-tempered, I could easily grab a gun from an older family member’s storage and use it to shoot whoever angers me. It only takes one click to end someone else’s life. This needs to be stopped.


Valerie V.