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Animal Abuse/Cruelty

Animals deserve to be respected such as humans.

Dear Future President of the U.S.,

I would appreciate if you would stop animal abuse/cruelty. Because 1 million animals animals die each year for the cause of animal abuse, I believe you should stop it. Another reason why you should stop animal abuse/cruelty is because animals get killed just for money and for fun for example dog fights, cockfight and other kind of animal fights are unlawful.

Things that happen when people abuse of animals are injuries to the animal and sometimes the abuser gets injured. Killing and/or abusing of animals has a fine of 1,000 of dollars and/or imprison for 1 year. EXTREMe animal abuse/cruelty has a fine up to 5,000 of dollars and/or 18 months imprison. Some signs of animal abuse/cruelty are no shelter, collar too tight, lack of grooming, mange and starvation.

One example on how to stop animal abuse/cruelty is to announce the consequences online, television and on posters. Another example to stop animal abuse/cruelty is to put more animal shelters that donโ€™t kill animals on duty. You can also teach children how to respect animals. Last but not least you can support legislation that promotes kindness to animals. Did you know that each year, approximately there are 2.7 million of animals euthanized.

6 - 8 million of animals get lost, they are unwanted and/or abandoned bogs or cats enter animal shelters in the United States. Some animals are lucky to be wanted by other people who want them (people who adopt them).

You might be asking yourself why do people take advantage of animals. People take advantage of animals because the feel intimidated and/or powerless...etc. Some people also take advantage because they saw someone do it or if someone did it to them. People may be abusing of an animals and not even notice, an example is not giving them their proper home. Please help take care of animals.


Daniel Ruvalcaba

Health Science Middle School

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