Vanessa M. Illinois

End Racial Profiling

I feel that the issue of racial profiling in America is a topic that needs to be discussed. I feel that discriminating against people because of there race is extremely wrong and it needs to be ended.

September 21, 2016

Dear Future President,

Police shouldn’t be allowed to use racial profiling when making arrests. People should

be recognized as individuals instead of the groups they associate with. It does not make a

difference whether a bomber is muslim or catholic, black or white, male or female. It only

matters if the person intends on hurting others and causing pain.

For example, in airports, Muslim and Arabian people are checked consistently more

than other races or religions. First of all, this kind of profiling groups a very large amount of

people together for the actions of just a very small percentage of the group, and it does not

necessarily make security better. TSA officials should check Muslims acting suspicious, but not

innocent people who are Muslim. Officials should look for individual actions and intentions, not

groups, races, genders, or religions. Yes, there are some radicals but that does not mean that

all muslims are trying to do bad things. it is an individual choice whether or not to cause a

problem or harm people, that is not something that a difference in ethnicity is going to affect.

Officers should be checking the ranting caucasian man or the erratic Asian mom just as often.

When people stereotype all other races to be intending harm, those people are not able to live a

normal life, solely based on their race.

 It makes no sense that police pull over more black drivers to be checked than other

ethnicities. It only matters if that specific person is intending on doing something wrong or not.

Black people should not be targeted based on their race, they should only be confronted if they

are doing something wrong. For example, on a study conducted in 2011, 80% of all drivers

pulled over felt they were stopped by an officer for a reason. However Only 68% of all african

american drivers pulled over felt it was for a legitimate reason. This is definitely not something to

be proud of. Yes some people may feel like they were not confronted for an important reason,

even though they were, but not 22% of all black drivers. Why waste time pulling over innocent

people just because of their race when there are many other problems to be faced?

One solution to this problem is police body cameras. By having video footage of

police/citizen encounters other officials can determine whether or not the officer was displaying

bias towards the race of the person. I think that it is very important to make sure all arrests are

just. By having body cameras on all officers we can assure that those encounters are fair and


If we do not get rid of this horrible type of discrimination our nation will fall victim to the

awful, boiling hate that will threaten to wage wars and tear us apart. We need to start making a

change and build up the relationship between law enforcement officers and U.S. citizens.


Vanessa Morales

Bernotas Middle School

Strebel's Kids

Block Two

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