Tessa S. Colorado

Bullying Needs to End

My letter is about bullying and why we need to stop it. Many teens have taken their lives because of it.

Dear Future president,

Bullying comes in many forms, at school, social media, and it’s not just physical bullying it is mental as well. Bullying can lead to self harm and suicide. I believe that this should be addressed. I think that every social media should have a way to report bullying even if you're not the one being bullied. I believe that at school there should be a rule for no bullying. A bully doesn’t always hurt you physically, but they always hurt you mentally.

From personal experience I know how hard it is to go to school everyday and know that you're going to get bullied. At my last school CECFC (Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins) I was bullied a lot, bullied to the point that I almost took my life. I would come home and cry in bed, and not get homework done. I was even bullied by a few teachers. Many teens take their lives because they were bullied. The bully’s thinks its ok to bully because they have stuff going on at home and to them the only way to take out the frustration out on other kids.

Bullying doesn’t only happen to teens at school, or online, Adults can be bullied or be bullies to. As I said about being bullied by teachers the can be even more hurtful than teens because they have been on the earth longer than us and they think they know how the world works and how it should work. I know that my father gets bullied at work, so it can happen anywhere to anyone no matter the age. Sometime kids are bullies to adults. I saw a video that show an elderly man being beaten with his own cain by some teen girls.

Bullying needs to be addressed, young kids at the age of 3 up to elderly people can be bullied, the bullies can be 3 to elderly people. Bullying can happen anywhere even in your own home you can get bullied. There needs to be a law to stop bullying once and for all. And when we stop bullying then the suicide rate will go down. Hopefully you will take this into consideration and take action on this situation

With faith

Tessa S.