Gissela T. Colorado

Abortion & Immigration

There shouldn't be no walls or murder.

Dear future president,

My name is Gisaaarasela and i am writing because i am against abortion and immigration.

I am against abortions because i don’t think it is fair that a little human who was in the womb didn’t get a chance to live outside on Earth. I don’t why people would get pregnant and then kill it because they don’t want it. The little person that didn't get a chance could've changed the world or invented something new they could of been someone. I say that anything with a heart beat is a living thing and killing it is like murder. I understand that sometimes there is accidents but that is why if a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant then she should get on birth control other than killing a life. Also babies feel pain also, even if they hardly understand what is happening the still feel the pain of a needle getting poked in them or getting pulled into separate parts. I say that if babies were able to say what they think, then there wouldn’t be a lot of women getting abortions but babies can’t say anything or have an opinion about the abortion which that is the sad part.

I think that there shouldn’t be no “illegal” people i think everybody should be legal where ever they go. I say that ICE shouldn’t even exist, a lot of people have families from different parts in the world and they aren’t able to see each other because they are illegal if they don't have their papers or something like that. Also i can compare to that because it has been the second time my dad gets sent to Mexico which i think it’s not fair he worked hard so my brothers and i had something each time. He worked so we had a roof over our head, food on the table, clothes on our body, shoes on our feet, so we would have something missing. My dad has worked very hard without even taking breaks to get us what we need and now he is in Mexico we hardly talk to him and we don’t even get to see him. That’s why i think that their shouldn't be no walls built, and break down the borders in any place so family can see each other once again. These are my opinions other people might have other opinions but these are mine and i have reasons why.