Luke Michigan

Gun Control is Just Fine Where it Stands

Gun control is fine where it's at now.

Dear Future President,

Gun control is an important topic, but it isn't serving its purpose, gun control is suppose to stop criminals and people who are not fit to own firearms from purchasing firearms. But what about the people who have illegally purchased and used illegal firearms. First of all gun control is neither perfect or imperfect, the reality is gun control is not going to stop the illegal sale of firearms.

Purchasing a firearm is not that long of a process, to purchase a weapon you need to have a background check. People who are not able to purchase a firearm are people who are illegal immigrants have made an offence that put them in prison for a year or more. Yet 37% of Americans own one or more firearms; as shown in a study done by facttank News, that's over 115 million people, over a third of our county. These 37% of americans own between 270 and 310 million firearms. A study by Washington Cbs Dc found that in 2007 4.5 million americans had a carry permit for their firearm.

In response to the recent orlando shooting this rear where 49 people were killed, people have been wanting something to prevent people from getting firearms who could potentially hurt or kill people. Which lead to a push of stronger or more strict gun control.

Gun control can affect many gun owners, depending on what purpose you need or want a gun for. Owners who want their guns for self defense in their home may feel they are being stripped of their freedom and may argue that they have no way to protect themselves from an overbearing Government. On the other hand, people who use firearms to compete in competition want these firearms for fun, these people probably have no intent of using their firearm to harm anyone. Stated on the NRA website it says “The NRA's interest in promoting the shooting sports among America's youth began in 1903”. The NRA supports and promotes the use of firearms for sport use.

People may say that having stricter gun control is going to stop people from obtaining guns who could possibly hurt or kill people.

The illegal sale of firearms is a problem that needs to be taken care of, but not in a way that will negatively affect normal gun owners. This cannot simply be done by not allowing the sale of firearms to people who are on the terrorist watch list, yet this may help but still will have no impact on the illegal sale of firearms. What we need to do is have a separate system that deals with the illegal sale of firearms. People who physically stop sale not laws that supposedly stop them.

In conclusion gun control cannot stop the illegal sale of firearms, but what we need is a plan that is directed at the illegal sale of firearms. Doing this will not disturb law abiding gun owners who have legally purchased their firearms.

Sincerely, Luke Hoover, Michigan

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