Gun violence

My letter to the next president contain facts and a personal story contains to gun violence

  Dear future President,

Imagine one day you go home and turn on channel 6 news and see one of your family members or close friends lying dead with 6 bullets in them. What would you do? Many family members will be very sad and devastated about their loss so they start thinking about all their memories. Many people are losing their lives pertaining to gun violence. From young colored men with illegal firearm that killed one their ¨brother¨ this traumatized people and made some people demented. This issue needs to be addressed for the next generation so we can have one.

President, I write to you on behalf of gun violence. According to ¨Philly.com¨ 14,500 people have been shot in philadelphia and the rate was one shooting every 4 hours and 22 minutes. Did you know that on average more than 100,000 people are shot according to the The Brady Campaign.These rates and numbers are outrageous. This issue is affecting a lot of loved ones and our U.S murder rate is going up. This issue is important because it's like a chain reaction when someone die someone wants revenge and it goes on. When this issue happens some families turn to drugs another serious issue in the U.S. from depression.

Gun violence has a big effect on my life. At the age of 10, one day at Finley playground my cousin Paris was shot in broad daylight. He was rushed to the hospital but he didn’t make it because he lost to much blood. This was big because the day before he told me to be safe after i left from his house walking. I couldn’t believe I lost someone so close to me

I know some people need guns in order to survive like hunting for food but they will have to realize our generation depends on guns for killing. A solution that already exist is to stop selling guns to known and suspected dangerous human (Wheeler). I came up with an solution to sell guns with accurate purposes and proof and to put guns stores in good neighborhoods away from the the bad parts of philadelphia. As for you future president I want you to make guns illegal unless it's for the authority and federal government.

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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