Bailey K. Iowa

Gun Control

Gun control won't stop criminals.

Dear next President,

In Iowa, firearms may be carried open or concealed. A person possessing a handgun must have an annual permit to acquire pistols or revolvers. I believe that people should be able to carry guns.

Changing the gun laws will not do anything for this country. The gun is not the problem, it is the person operating guns. I have no doubt that our world has many criminals who don’t care about laws, rules, or anybody else but themselves. I think you can pass a multitude of gun control laws, but criminals are still going to obtain guns; therefore, law abiding citizens won’t be able to defend themselves.

I think that if a person wants to acquire a gun, they should be required to pass a background check and take a physical gun class, not an online one. For example the Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza, had a mental illness since he was 3 years old according to . With that illness he should not have been able to purchase a gun so easily and he should have had a background check. So I think a background check would be very helpful in solving this problem.

In the Constitution the second amendment is the right to bear arms. To conceal carry is not a right, it is a privilege. I strongly believe gun control is a political platform disguised as a way to persuade people they will be safer when there are fewer guns available. This won’t stop criminals, it will motivate them.