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Gun Control: Does it Really Matter?

It is the rights of the American people to own a gun. S why are we making it so complicated?

Dear future president;

The idea of gun control in the united states is a very controversial topic to many but a important one. It is the right of the people to own guns as stated in the second amendment. If guns are taken away you are infringing on people's rights and the constitution. This is why guns should not be taken away from the people.

The fact on guns such as the ar-15 and other military assault weapons should be banned because of their high capacity magazines and how they are fully automatic is false. The AR-15 is not a automatic weapon it is semi-automatic this means that it only chambers one round at a time. The same goes for high capacity magazines the AR-15 has the same high capacity detachable magazine as handguns. So then why are assault rifles being banned?. It has to do with their generic military look and name. The AR-15 resembles a military grade assault weapon. But in reality the AR-15 sold to the average U.S citizen aren't even standard military issue and would never be used in the military. To most people assault rifles sound scary and look scary but that has nothing to do with its lethality.

A full ban on assault style weapons would be near impossible. The AR-15 and other assault style weapons have been in the spotlight of gun bans and laws. But in reality to ban the AR-15 and other assault style weapons would be impossible because the AR-15 and other assault style weapons are just rifles but modified to have a military style,look and feel. A study in 2004 a study by community preventive services revealed that the ban on assault style weapons did not reduce gun violence criminals just used different guns.

Gun control is a unrealistic idea to control or take every person's gun in the united states would be close to impossible. But this is also a violation of the second amendment and the fourth as well as the fourteenth. Taking away the the people's guns is a step towards communism in a free country.

According to firearms prevent a estimated 2.5 million crimes per year. Even though this is a estimate that is still a very large number. If we were to take away guns how many of these potential crimes would have not been prevented and how many lives would have been lost.

All this is not saying that there are not gun issues in the U.S There are multiple mass shootings and murders committed with guns all the time. Many people believe we should have full gun bans. There are multiple reasons for a fear and hate towards guns such as columbine where a attacker armed with a gun killed or injured multiple students. This shooting and multiple others have led to gun laws and a full ban on guns.

In the end the next president will determine the outcome of guns in the U.S. Even though guns can do bad they can do more good the second amendment is in place for a reason and was designed in 1791. That's almost 300 years ago and it should insure americans rights to bear arms.

Sincerely: Sean lattner 

Clarkston Community Schools

ELA 10- Vickers

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