Kay Alabama

Sticking to Our Guns

We need to put our heads together on how to handle guns.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President

Everybody should own guns. Well, not everybody but a lot more people should. I know in this climate of gun control we’re fighting to get guns out people’s hands, but what if we tried working to get them into more?

What’s my logic behind this? Simple. The more people who have more guns the less likely people will want to use guns against people. Let’s set up a hypothetical situation explaining my logic.

Say an unstable person decides they want to shoot up a college campus. They may begin their plans but remember two-thirds of people on campus own a firearm. They may change their mind because they know they are no match for two-thirds of a college campus. Or if they do decide to continue with their plans, more people will be capable of stopping the unstable person, lessening the amount of causalities and saving lives.

Of course, people will say there are flaws in this situation, probably the biggest one being “the unstable person would have no way to shoot up the school if they did not have access to a gun in the first place”. And I agree with this point. A mentally unstable person or person with an extensive or violent criminal background should not have access to guns, but that doesn’t mean the people in his house should be unable to have access to a gun. We should have regular checks for people who have guns to show they are securing their guns properly and are being responsible owners.

I am not opposed to gun law reform, but I do not believe we should make it impossible for people to get guns. Making guns harder to get or completely illegal takes guns out the hands of the good guys because good guys abide by the law. Law breakers do not. People wielding guns illegally cause more problems than those who stay within the law. Getting a grip on those who illegally own guns, helping those with mental health issues, and checking up on those with guns will help improve gun violence in this nation. It won’t be perfect because nothing ever is, but you have to weigh options of what will cause less suffering from the barrel of a gun since most of the time it’s the person and not the gun responsible for hurting other people.