Olivia T. New York

College Tuition In the United States

College tuition is big thing in the United States and colleges in the United States are outrageous and should be fixed.

Dear Future Mr/Mrs. President,

I believe that college prices are too high and should be lowered instead of being raised. College is a goal for many students after graduating high school but unfortunately some students and parents are not wealthy enough to pay for college which is a situation that should be taken into consideration and be fixed. Some of the best colleges in the United States are outrageous and need to be lowered and have a certain percentage off of the price to make it more affordable. College is something we need to work for all throughout high school and when leaving high school and transitioning to college we have to come up with the money to pay for it and it we can change that to dropping prices down very far or making college not have a price. According to Forbes magazine it explains why the prices of colleges keep rising which is making families go bankrupt.

The prices of college have caused many parents and students to go bankrupt.The Harvey Mudd College is the most expensive college in the United States with the price of 67,255. This college is located in Claremont, California. The average tuition discount in 2011 was 40% off of the price which isn’t too much considering the prices are $9,000-68,000 for college. In 2012 some institution had lowered their prices, but now in present day 2016 college tuition has raised. Many colleges have a lot to offer in the price. Like good foods and decent sized dorm rooms. We have to make sure that colleges are well worth the price instead of paying for things that may not be worth the money.

College is a goal for many students but many students can not make that goal because they are not able to afford it. As a teenager I think about college, but no so much the prices. Now thinking about the prices has to come into consideration. College prices are at a very high price, instead of higher the prices we need to come together to make the prices lower than they are today. The top 20 colleges range to 60,000 to 70,000 dollars and at that price many parents and students go bankrupt and as this happens the students government does not put protection on this issue which causes more and more students to go bankrupt which is cruel for the government to let happen.

There is many thing wrong with the price of college that needs to be fixed. For example what we get with the cost. Why pay for college if you live in a beat up dorm room with gross breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Other issues is paying for a higher education or expanding your education. Many high class jobs need a higher education and many students who plan for big futures but struggle in money will most likely not be able to reach their goal and become successful in life with the exception of finding a job. As a teenager I am beginning to think about college but I have never thought about prices until now. We can make a plan to make college prices more affordable than they are in 2016. Even if we happen to drop the college prices by a couple thousand that can do good for some families where money comes in.

Bankruptcy protection is needed! We can not continue our lives watching families go bankrupt over an education. Higher education should be offered at no expense or maybe a few hundred dollars but at 12,000- 70,000 dollars we are not doing any good for any students to reach their goal of having a good future. We want to make our lives successful instead of working a part time job that does not pay enough for us to pay rent or pay bills or even buy the supplies we need to make it through life. If we can show the people of America that we can come together and fix the issue of college prices and make students lives more successful in their future then they expect it to be. Good paying jobs, good futures, successful lifestyle. College is important to be able to accomplish your goals. This election we can make it possible to make colleges more affordable and have protection on bankruptcy and make others lives easier to get a higher education to make students have a successful future.


Olivia Toffolo

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