Reilly C. New York


I wrote a letter to our next president regarding the issue of poverty.

Dear Whomever Our Next President May Be,

Our country is the land of dreams and of the free, however, many people who live in America don't get to experience the “American Dream” due to poverty. About 15% of our country lives in poverty which is about 46.2 million people. A lot of these people are either single parents or people who work low income jobs. Due to low income jobs and larger taxes and poor government programs, the poverty rate has risen in our country causing many adults and children to struggle.

Many middle class people don't like the idea of better government programs because the programs get their money from taxes. They see these improved government programs as a bad idea because there are people who take advantage of the programs and don't use them as help but use them as a life supplement. Even though you are only allowed to be in the programs for five years, people will lie and create fake names to get money, just to get out of working and people who actually need the help to support a family and can’t keep up, get declined government funds. Programs should be advanced and given to people with children/health issues/without a home who also work a job or were working a job for a long period of time and were laid off. Otherwise government funds should not be given to those people who take advantage of the programs. Children in poverty should also be able to experience as much as any other child, such as field trips, sports, art/music and lunches. School taxes should be able to help supply some money for those kids whose families can’t always afford it.

More jobs should also be created to help solve the issue of poverty. More field jobs and hands on work should be advertised since it’s easier/helpful/inexpensive to learn than becoming a lawyer or doctor and people who work in the plumbing and landscaping field can make decent money and not have to go to college. People also need to be willing to work these kinds of jobs. There is a mentality that this kind of work is beneath people. College for some people seems impossible due to the high expectations and how much debt comes with it. People living in poverty find it difficult to pay for college and often drop out because they can’t afford it. Trade schools should be advertised more often in school which can help the economy as well as the poverty level.

In conclusion, you may see that poverty is a huge issue facing our country and it affects many people. To help lower the poverty level, more jobs should be created and advertised. Jobs that don’t require expensive college tuition and are hands on and affordable training wise. Government programs should become more organized to help those who truly need the help.