Faith J. Wisconsin

The Future of Children

The future of kids today will be impacted by who the next President is.

Dear Future President,

Please help make my future great, so I can go to college without being in so much debt later in life.  Children are important because they are the future of America. Children need to be educated and have a job they love. 

I would really like to go to college because America needs more educated citizens. Most high-paying jobs require a college degree, stated by Uneducated citizens in America is bad for the economy. No one wants to be living in an economy where the taxes are super high or the economy is soaking in poverty. College is very important for America's children today. 

Tuition for college is pushing students away from it, according to Most students who go to college think college is worth it even though the debt will take years to pay off. The cost of college tuition is astronomically high and will continue to grow if no one does anything about it. The future President will have an important job to make sure the people of America are informed on the technology and requirements for the world.

College will teach students important talents for the future. My sisters are in college and they are learning so much. I would like to learn as much as they do in college. I would like to have an important job in the world that will help people. To achieve that goal I think I will need to go to college. Many children have dreams for the future and they need to learn the skills it takes to make that dream come true. 

Future President, I hope you know that what you are doing today will determine my future in America. These decisions that you are making could impact my life in many ways. This generation will predict the future of America. 

--Faith J.