Allison S. Ohio

Stop the Discrimination in the Workplace

People with tattoos and piercings should have equal opportunity to get jobs and not be overlooked based on appearance.

Dear Future President,

I think that people who have tattoos and piercings shouldn't be seen as unprofessional in the work place. I talk from personal experience of being overlooked because of my hair color and my piercings. I have even been told that having piercings in unsanitary. When really it's just discrimination at it's best because you give people with tattoos and piercings a bad name when you, as an employer, look at a girl with crazy colored hair and a tattooed sleeve as a demon or that her parents don't love her or she is trying to rebel or any other reason you come up with makes other people fearful and actually doesn't make that girl feel confident when you tear her down.

 I believe that people shouldn't discriminate and actually get to the know the people they are so scared of, even people who are goth get the constant attention that they are Satan worshipers or because they have tattoos and piercings they like pain. When really if you think about it, people like me who aren't too fond of needles like looking like this to decorate our bodies and feel more confident with said piercing or tattoo and shouldn't be stared at or asked constantly "Did that hurt?" Honestly, i am pretty nice when people come up to me but after hearing it so much I  am kind of getting tired of it. I mean it's ok to be anyone or look anyway you wish to because it is your body and don't ever let anyone tell you so but people always associate piercings and tattoos with unemployment which that is just terrible.

 I hate that I have to sit here and still be unemployed because I refuse to take out my piercings, but I am still looking and not all employers are mean like that but I hope one day we all can get along and let someone look the way they look and not be ridiculed for their life choices. I just want to be able to get a job and not be overlooked the second I ask for an application so please I would like you to add to the discrimination laws  to include body expression.  No employer should  be able to turn someone down for how they look and should not be allowed to tell that person to take out their piercings and cover up their tattoos to make others feel better.


 Allison Scott 

Facing History New Tech High School

CTP 2017

Choose to Participate Seniors

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