Savannah H. Texas

Its A Woman's Choice

Abortion should be kept legal and safe for every woman who needs it.

November 3, 2016

Dear President,

The United States Of America. Land of the free… right? Where we are able to make our own choices. Many people across this country are trying to take away what I feel is a right of ours, abortion but how free are we really if the world/ government is telling women what to do with their own bodies? Outlawing abortion is not going to stop women from aborting their children.  Though it might be outlawed they will find a different way that is very unsafe and may harm herself as well.

Although I have never been in a situation like this, I have to put myself in the shoes of women who are. What if this happened to me? What if I was walking down the street alone and got raped and ended up becoming pregnant? I am 14 years old.  This is reality, this could happen today. My life, thrown out the window, my college scholarships for softball, my stress, high. And to think that I might not have the right to abort this baby is crazy. It shouldnt matter the reason a women got pregnant whether it be rape, an accident, or anything it should be her choice. I could sit here, and type essays upon essays about women's rights and how it is a woman's choice but the fact is that this country was built upon freedom. Why take it away now? 


Savannah H.

KHS Miller Pre AP

Eng I

9th Grade English Students

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