Daniel New York

Police Brutality

Police Brutality has been a big issue to this day. Many innocent people have had their lives taken away because of police brutality. It needs to come to a end.

Dear Next President,

This day in society we all have major problems; there are crimes occurring everyday. Also an extreme amount of violence has taken many citizens lives away. Police brutality has been an ongoing situation. This brutality needs to come to a stop. Many citizens feel they are being harmed. I believe that as America, we should all stand up and put an end to police brutality.

According to Celisa Calacal “”police have already killed at least 865 people — many of whom were unarmed, mentally ill, and people of color.”” This number comes from The Guardian’s police killings database, but the Killed by Police database counts 939 people who have died at the hands of police so far this year. The Washington Post reports that “776 people have been shot and killed by cops.” This is very outrageous because if you noticed a good amount of the people are Black Americans. At the same time White Americans are also being judged by appearance not just all blacks. That’s what everyone seems to be missing, the fact that it’s just not blacks being mistreated; it’s also white people. The real question is, do you think this is acceptable?

If we as the U.S citizens don’t take this situation seriously, the death rate will continue to increase and get worse. An example of a police killing would be Alton Sterling. This innocent man was shot and killed because of his race, and also the cops felt “threatened’ but how? Alton had a knee to his head to the point where he could not move himself, and he still got shot; this man had kids. How would you like go home and tell your kids that your dad was just shot? No that’s terrible for his family, his life was taken away for no reason. The current school I’m attending has lost students because of police brutality or gun violence. It’s just not right.

Another ongoing problem is the racial discrimination. Many African Americans can’t walk out of their front door without feeling harmed or the feeling that they are about to be hurt by another human. Most of the time Black Americans won’t even have a chance because of their appearance.

Sure you could stereotype that Black Americans make bad decisions, and they all cause crimes, but no you’re very wrong; not every African American does crime, and you have to remember that we are all humans. Let me tell you something, in reality law enforcement are doing more harm than good. They expect us to care for them and show respect, which of course I always show respect, but how do they expect the citizens to show respect if a good amount of the local cops are constantly doing harm to African Americans?

We can’t just sit around and hope that police brutality comes to an end. Nobody, deserves to have their life taken away from them because of their skin color or race. We are all humans! I think if we can get more powerful laws on police brutality, it will make society more safe with the stricter rules. Citizens will once again want to walk out of their front door. Many people across America will thank you if you make stricter laws on police brutality

This all crumbles down to the fact that we have to make a change to this problem as soon as possible. We all have to speak if we want a change!



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