Sarah G. New York

The U.S Unemployment Crisis

We need jobs in this country we are in a major crisis, more people are using welfare than ever.

                                                                                                                        October 26, 2016

Dear Next President of the U.S.A,

I am a seventh grader at Farnsworth Middle School, I am writing to you addressing priorities that I think should be addressed in this presidency.

     First and foremost, is the unemployment crisis in our country, billions of young and old healthy citizens don't have jobs or fair paying jobs,most of the time citizens can’t find jobs but are willing to work.Then there's citizens who live on welfare, although welfare has helped many families and saved lives we would never want to take that away from them, it has also destroyed our economy. So many citizens work hard so people on welfare don't have to. Some citizens use welfare as a jump start or boost in their lives to get back on track after they have lost their job or lost a loved one who brings the encom to the family.But some citizens are using welfare has a pass to get out of working and getting everything they need to survive without lifting a finger which I think is unfair for hardworking families.

    Medical Care and Education is also another main problem in our country too many people in this country don't have access to good medical care in their neighborhood towns etc. Children are not getting the shots they need and are forced to learn in unhealthy and unsanitary environments,for example some have lead in there water fountains which can stop or slower brain development which is not what we want for the citizens of tomorrow.

I hope you take my ideas and opinions into consideration and help all the problems we face today, there are many more out there, and there are many yet to come. I wish you good luck in your presidency and solving these matters.


                                                                                                  Sarah G.