Christopher Minnesota

Should we have the death penalty

My letter is about the death penalty on why we should not have it.

                                                                                                                                                   October 7 ,2016

Dear Next President,

Congrats on winning the election but there is a problem in America that needs to be solved it’s the death penalty it needs to be abolished right away.

The reasons it’s a problem in America is because lots of innocent people killed, the death penalty costs lots of money,we are ending a human life even though we tell the person who is gonna be executed it’s bad to kill people,imagine how their family feels. Those are just a few reasons why we should end it.

An article that supports this issue is on, by Author Philip Holloway, he says “Time to question sanity of death penalty” Instead of killing people why not send them to supermax prisons like the one in Colorado “There inmates typically spend 23 hours locked inside a cell, with little communication with inmates or the outside world.” This shows us we don't have to kill people and we can still make their lives horrible without killing anyone . It also costs lots and lots of money for the death penalty “the state will shell out approximately $3.5 million, as opposed to an average of $150,000 if the state had not sought the death penalty,according to the American Civil Liberties Union.” Look at all that money going down the drain just for the death penalty we could use this stuff for other things.Imagine how you would feel if one of your family members was gonna be executed would you want that or imagine the same thing except he or she was innocent how would you feel.

All the reasons are why we should get rid of the death penalty. What I think we should do is have each state’s people take a vote on whether or not if we want the death penalty I know it’s a lot of work to arrange that but it's a suggestion. Thank you for taking the time to read this and congratulations on winning the election.