Wilbert F. Kentucky

War on Terror, Refugees, and Death Penalty

The War on Terror has ripped countries apart. That's why so many refugees coming here. And the death penalty could get a little better. We need to change how we act on these situations.

 Dear president,

Congratulations on becoming president! You put some hard work on that campaign! That campaign you were in was intense. If the people decide you should become president, then you were destined to become president.

The War on Terror is very important to many people. Terrorism has made lot of refugees come to lots of European countries and even coming all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas! We could stop this madness! If we stop the War on Terror, refugees would stop coming in to not only the Americas, but also the countries in Europe! Refugees wouldn’t have to worry about dangers in their own countries and come to our own country!

Plan B: If you don’t want to get involved in the War on Terror more than you already are, just help the refugees out. Make reserved areas for them. Make background checks on refugees to make sure they are not terrorists who want to destroy our country. I don’t care what you do to the terrorist: interrogation, death penalty, brainwash, but I probably wouldn’t brainwash them or kill them. Just too much for me. And interrogation will probably not work because they would commit suicide if they had to. So even if you tell him/her that you will kill them, they probably won’t answer. But just do what wish to do.

About death penalty… The government can only sentence someone if they caused a crime 10 times at least. It must be the same crime he/she first got accused for. {Ex: Someone committed a crime for doing drugs. Then they get accused for theft, then robbery, then a heist, etc.} Also, if the crime is giant, {Ex: someone attempts a heist in the Military and succeeds and gets caught three months after trying another heist.} then he can be sentenced to death. But otherwise, I think death penalty shouldn’t be sentenced to some. Oh, almost forgot, THEY NEED A FAIR TRAIL!

I have worked hard to complete this letter to the person who earns the most important job in the U.S., president. All this is my opinion. I’m sure many people agree and disagree with my opinions. I hope this inspires you to the causes I explained. And if you don’t, at least think about it!

Sincerely, Wilbert F. (Will)

Louisville, KY


Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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