Brandon R. Iowa

Injuries in Football

This is being written to explain football injuries and how the sport of football is demanding and excessive, which means new safety features need to be brought to attention.

Dear Future President,

Safety of football players is very important for their health, and the safety of the sport should be improved even more than it is in today's standards. Many injuries occur in football every year from concussions to knee, back, and arm injuries as well. Players in every play and practice are vulnerable to injuries to their body or other peoples as well. Most of the people that are affected by this are the players themselves, and also their family, coaches, and other players. They have to watch the players go through of rehab and they can’t watch their player play out on the field. Most of the injuries that occur in football are knee injuries, such as a torn MCL, ACL, LCL, and meniscus. There are many more injuries such as concussions, broken bones, sprained bones or muscles, and many more. This can leave players out of football for a long time and can have them to go through rehab for recovery.

We should care about this topic because let’s say big players in the NFL are getting hurt, we can’t watch them play and they could be out for a long time and not get paid the money that they signed up for. This issue affects the world because really in every sport, people can get hurt and they have to sit out and recover from the injury that they acquired. Most football players sit out an average of 1-2 weeks when they are injured. We need to make better equipment for the players so they’re not so vulnerable to injuries. One article that I found, “NFL Pledges Another $100 Million For Study Of Head Injuries, Safety In Football,” states that they are spending lots of money for equipment and medical research. “Saying it wants to make football safer for current and future athletes, the NFL is pledging to spend $100 million for "independent medical research and engineering advancements." A main goal will be to prevent and treat head injuries.”

Football athletes every year are injured and they have to go through some kind of rehabilitation process to get back to health, and sometimes they can’t get back to health because the injuries are so bad, and they can’t return to the sport. So scientists and others football officials are trying to make better equipment and make better rules to make the sport more safe for the athletes that are competing in football. People love the sport and the don’t want to see players get hurt, and players want to play the game that they love, so safety is key playing this sport.

Brandon R.