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Help Save Money

People are wasting money.

Dear Mr. President,

Just think how many people are wasting right now. So many people buy stuff they don’t need. When you buy so much stuff and don’t use it and just throw it away you are polluting. So people should buy stuff they just need instead of wasting it and save your or give away the your extra money.

People buy stuff and don’t use it at all. When you buy food and don’t eat it and just leave it in your fridge and homeless people are going without food. People just buy the same thing over and over again, like when you buy shoes and you don’t need. There are a lot of people in the world that don’t get to buy essential goods.

I buy stuff I don’t need sometimes but I give away my stuff I don’t wear or fit anymore.

So, Mr. President, just think how much money is going to be wasted and polluted.