Samantha D. Ohio

Close The Doors Now?

Should we build bridges to America and not walls? Or should we build walls and not bridges? We should build both, keep out illegal immigrants and allow legal immigrants. We should deport illegal immigrants and increase border patrol.

Dear Next President:

Immigration, I’m sure you have some sort of view on it. What is your view? It’s  one of the key issues in the election right now. For example, “When considering the candidates Americans should vote for in the upcoming elections, the key issue is simply immigration”. For America, the border lines are their only weapon, as stated, “It is clear that America's borders are its first line of defense and last line of defense”. Politicians and the administrators have ignored the deep-rooted risk “... that non-secured borders and the presence of unknown millions of aliens who have evaded the inspections process represent to national security and the safety of our citizens, ”. Now if you become president, what will you do about the lack enforcement in immigration laws?

Next, what will happen to illegal immigrants? Last checked in 2014, there were 11.1 illegal u.s. immigrants, “There were 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. in 2014”. Nearly 52% of them were Mexicans so this is coming from the Mexican border. This was stated,” Mexicans made up 52% of all unauthorized immigrants in 2014, though their numbers had been declining in recent years”. More than half of the percentages of illegal immigrants in u.s. were in 6 states, “Six states accounted for 59% of unauthorized immigrants in 2014: California, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. But some state populations had changed since 2009, despite the stable trend at the national level”.

To have national security in America , there should be enforced border security. Also, it is said that “...border security plays a key role in both the interdiction of illegal drugs and in defending America against terrorist threats”. As it is known, officials don’t realize the importance of border security, “Unfortunately, it’s not at all clear our government is committed to its first responsibility: the protection of our borders”. Now,10 years ago operation ‘Jumpstart’ was started by the federal government they deployed 6,000 troops, now back in September 1st the number was reduced, to 3,000 troops. This was stated, “In June 2006 the federal government began Operation Jump Start, deploying 6,000 National Guard troops to assist the Border Patrol in securing our border with Mexico. Now, the number of National Guard troops helping as part of Operation Jump Start is being cut in half and by September 1st only 3,000 troops will still be in place”. One of the key issues that you should be focusing on before and after you become president is immigration because it’s being overlooked by many of the officials in our country right now. It’s an important issue that could solve a couple of our country’s issues.



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