Azara Ohio

Abortion Rights

Abortion should be free under any insurance because women should have the right to decide what happens with their bodies.

 Dear Future President,

I am writing to you, because abortion rights needs to change. Every woman should have the right to her own body. Also, some women may not have the financial ability to raise a child, so they should not be forced to bring a child into the world when they can barely take care of themselves. A couple of my family members have had abortions, because they were not fit to be parents. They didn't want to bring a child into the world who wouldn't have a good life; I believe every woman in America should have the ability to make this choice.

Every woman should have the right to choose if they want to raise a child or not. It is important for a pregnant woman to be able to make the decision if they want to get an abortion. Someone could find more harmful ways to have an abortion if this was illegal, most women who get abortions do it because they are either too young, a rape victim, or health reasons for the woman or fetus. Almost all deaths caused by abortions, done by the mother could have been avoided if there was more information about sex education and family planning. 21.6 million women experience an unsafe abortion each year. Abortions being available to everyone is necessary, because women are dying when it could have been avoided if proper sex education was taught, and if abortion was legalized everywhere.

If a woman does not have the financial ability to take care of a child ,then she should not be forced to raise a child, when she can barely even take care of herself. Pro-Life supporters say that instead of abortion they should just give the child up for adoption, but adoption does not guarantee a happy or safe home for all children going into adoption. Children in orphanages are 31% more likely to have psychiatric disorders than children raised in a home. They will live a life wondering why they weren't enough and if they aren't up for adoption and the child stays with the parents The child will most likely not be properly taken care of. My aunt has had two abortions because she could barely take care of the children she had now, so she didn't want to bring another kid into the world who would not be taken care of properly. You should not bring a child into the world when they are most likely not going to have a happy life.

One way you as the president could change this, is to have abortion be free under insurance. However, Pro-Life supporters may say that abortion is murder. Pro-Life supporters are trying to take away a woman’s right to her own body by calling it murder. Abortion is not murder, in most states you can only get your pregnancy terminated before 24 weeks. By that time a fetus is deemed viable outside the womb. Before 24 weeks the fetus is barely even considered a human life. Around 88% of abortions in the U.S. are done before 18 weeks. So technically abortion is not murder and women in every state should have the right to chose if she wants to bring a child into the world or not. 

Thank you Future President for your time, I appreciate that you listened to what I have to say about abortion rights.  

- Azara

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