Edward K. Ohio

Police and the People.

Police and the communities they serve are gaining tension due to highly media shown cop shootings, and unjust punishments. Only time can tell how this will turn out.

Dear Next President:

Police and the black community are at an all time tension high, and the only thing that can help is the president's support. My name is Edward, and I am an eighth grade student at Hudson Middle School, in Hudson, Ohio. Unfortunately in our country and world, there are many issues that plague us. Terrorism is worldwide, with hundreds dying for false beliefs and next to nothing we can do about it. Simultaneous epidemics of obesity and starvation. Unstoppable overpopulation in countries already filled to the brink: China, India, etc. Even problems that we are not even solely responsible for such as global warming, and natural extinction of species. Though there are all of these issues to hopefully take care of, or at least make a start at, there is one issue I believe we should take care of first: police abuse.

One point I would like to make is that police are being abused. This is important to me because there are multiple accounts of this, be it the ‘assassination’ of cops at the hands of terrorists from the Black Lives Matter group, or just cops being assaulted or shot in everyday scenarios. Our policemen are fighting hard to help out communities and this is the way they are treated? Them, normal people, risking their lives to ensure that others are not lost, people who are selfless enough to take a bullet for someone who could be deemed ‘unimportant’, are being shot and attacked because a few have killed and wrongly accused a handful of people? I personally have had enough with this, and personally having had the honor of knowing some people in the police force, it makes me sick to see people that have received help from the police, or are protected by them vigilantly turn against, and sometimes even kill their saviors. This issue being resolved is important to the welfare of the world, because if things like this not only keep happening in our country, but start in other countries, then the world will pretty soon become a place where the law means little for would be no police to enforce it.

Another thing I find is causing an issue is racism. This issue is important I believe, because most of the force is not racist, however, that is not how the media is depicting them. The way that the media and social medias are depicting cops is despicable. Saying that they are, “extremely racist and vile people,” and that, “cops can never be trusted and should be stayed away from,” to people going so far as to say. “Blacks are the only lives that matter, all cops hate blacks,” and other inappropriate name calling. I believe that these people do not understand that the people who commit shootings as police officers, and people who insult black people and call them names are racist, and that saying all cops are racist is a blanket. Most police do not deserve this, and are not racist, but are still treated this way, and it is despicable. This issue is important outside and inside our country because if this keeps up, then departments will most likely get involved, which will cause outrage, which will in turn cause more cops cracking down on things, and making the problem hundreds of times worse.

A final point I would like to say is police corruption. This is important to me because I do not believe that cops should EVER take bribes, or favors in return for acting a way. I’m sure you have seen the times where someone has made a fake video or a meme of a cop being paid off to do something, and have heard the stories, but what they forget to consider is that this is real. People actually do pay off cops to make sure they get ‘special treatment’, a walk from tickets, anything you can imagine. It was estimated that about 98% of cops are well trained and won’t take bribes, but then there is that other 2% to account for. That 2% consists of cops who don’t feel they make enough, don’t really care about doing their jobs correctly anymore, and are the racist jerks that the media points them out to be. These police officers need to be stopped, but as saying that they are 2%, and this makes it even harder to find them, there is a very small chance of this goal ever being fully achieved. This issue is worldwide and needs to be stopped, because it is causing distrust and panic for people all over racial and gender communities.

I would please ask that you at the very least consider my words, and good job winning the election. Together the people of our country can help the world.



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