Xavier Ohio

Immigrants Should be Accepted Not Judged

Immigrants are being evicted from their own home, but are still judged for their cultural background. The U.S. should respect the immigrants and not treat them as criminals.

Dear Next President :

Immigrants are one of the major problems that are affecting our society.

Immigrants are being brought to our country each day and I would like to investigate the issue of immigrants constantly being forced to evacuate into our country because of the civil wars breaking out in other countries in the middle east.

It can't be easy being evicted from your own country and I also want to investigate our population issue and why or why not we can accept immigrants in our country ?

I understand that we're still accepting immigrants and we have more than 42.4 immigrants In the past year. I think we should let them here in our country even if we did not have a great history with the middle eastern area and It is understandable they hate us knowing that our drones killed many of the middle eastern area but that doesn't mean everyone who lives in a different area, we can't just assume they are terrorist, and they want to ambush us at the right moment.

We should accept the risk of bringing immigrants to our country even though it doesn't seem safe,we should know that just a simple decision is taking a risk. We should be aware that there not only adults but children are involved in these situations as well being evacuated from their home country and they also need a safe environment to live in so they get away from all the treachery they have experienced.

Even though I hope the best for them something still needs to be done about the illegal immigration that is happening in our country so we should be careful about the immigrants immediately coming into our country with un authorized personnel. We should provided the immigrants with authorized personnel so they aren’t illegally moving into our country and not making any negative impact on our country. The immigrants should also be searched thoroughly making sure nothing illegal in our country should be brought towards us.

We should accept more immigrants in our country but should be careful about the immigrants providing them with authorized personnel and making sure no illegal resources are being brought into our country. Either way I hope you can investigate the issue of immigrants being evacuated in our country.

Sincerely, Xavier 

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