Kyle B. Ohio

Who Knew That Our Most Intelligent Species Would Ignore an Apocalypse?

Human beings are the most dominant beings on earth. With great power comes great responsibility. So we are killing our own atmosphere, we know we are doing it, and some of us don't care enough because of money. Global warming is an extreme issue and must be fixed before things get even worse than they are.

Dear Next President:

It is a bad time for the United States. Terrorism spreading and putting all of their focus on us. Problems such as enviromental problems, and racism that was supposed to have been terminated years ago but has returned with a riot. Many problems to be fixed and we are all attempting to find a president for the job. The choices this year have been very slim. I hope the U.S. chose wisely. But i think that global warming is by far the worst and I would like to address this.

The United States was offered a contract that would supposedly commit us to limiting our greenhouse gases to slow the effects of global warming. This contract was denied a while ago. Are we truly that greedy? To slowly kill our atmosphere that has been so great to us. For what did we do that for? Nothing but money. The United States thought that if they agreed to it, that it would upset everyone who did not want to contribute and slow business. This issue must not be ignored. Ways of reducing our global footprint is very important and must be addressed.

Animals around the world are also becoming extinct slowly. Global warming is happening right now, It is not something that we will have to worry about years from now. Species such as polar bears, frogs, and coral are hit the hardest among them. It is also important that we do limit our exhaust from cars and burning of fossil fuels this to keep native animals from becoming extinct.

One final thing we should also all be cautious of, is our fossil fuels. Not only is burning them ruining our atmosphere, its also burning off resources that are non-renewable and take thousands to millions of years to regenerate, and we are using almost all of it in just a few centuries. We must preserve our fossil fuels, or prepare for running out of them. 

Global warming is a major problem that our next president must address, and we cannot just watch our world change in such a way. We must take action. You must take action. Encourage others ride their bike more often, or walk somewhere that is conviently close, or just buy a solar panel based on where they are living. Release a policy statement or agree to reduce our global footprint on that contract. I believe that we have enough research to confirm this, and that it is a problem worth looking at, if you please.



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