Danielle B. Ohio

The Rich and Poor end up in the Same Place

For struggling families to kids on the streets america needs your help to fight against homelessness. When we carry out our daily lives many of us don't think twice about others. In stead of thinking about our self's so much we should start thinking of others.

Dear Next President:

people like homeless kids, people struggling to find work and many working class people who can’t find jobs, and of those who do may work multiple jobs who deserve help on making payments for things like taxes and in some cases people struggle with even feeding their families.

The homeless kids especially are part of this the kids who live on the streets are not only living dangerous lifestyles were it's easy for them to become victims of violence along with other homeless people who live out on the streets. These kids need to be helped and be fed. They should also be helped to get an education to be able to get a successful life for themselves in the future and become successful.

About 45 million people or about 14.5 percent of all americans were and many still are lining beneath the poverty line last year Also for some of the people that struggle with finding work need help with other things, like if they have families sometimes getting things for them like nice shoes, clothes, an education and in some cases even getting food for them have can prove to be a difficult task for these families. Sometimes when families have hard times getting money their kids can’t get a good education which is why I feel lucky enough to go to a good school district, where I can get a good education, but there are families that struggle with this. There some people that don’t care have a hard time envisioning themselves in that family's shoes and with the holidays coming up these families can’t afford gifts and presents for their children all the time like some people who think holidays are just about presents can’t see that people do have a hard time with things like this.

Many of the working class struggle to make ends meet and many of these people who are just getting by have families that have needs and have to worry about having to supply things for each other and are parents that need to feed and educate their kids and single parents need to have enough money to be able to give a good life to their kids.

So from being able to see all of the poverty and people in need I think that the people in america need help although helping other countries need help the people we see here struggle all of the time and they need help too. so let's truly make a difference in america and help our country too.



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